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Why a Yacht Charter Turkey?

Turkey Yacht Charter - Your Best Yachting Holidays!


Chartering your Yacht with us, you opt for a reliable, professional and service minded partner dedicated to making your yachting wishes come true! 


A Yacht Charter Turkey is a part of leading SailingEurope Yacht Charter Group with a decade-long active nautical presence.


Over the years, we have gained established reputation as one of the leading companies offering Yacht Charter services.


Sail with us!

A Yacht Charter Turkey - My Best Yachting Vacations

A Yacht Charter Turkey is an adventure You have embarked on. Now, Sail with us!


We are here to make your yachting vacations a dream come true. We will help You choose the "right" Yacht, the "right" destination, the best time to charter, we will recommend the captain, the crew, the itinerary...just leave everything to us!


We are here for you!


We are specialized for chartering yachts and arranging customized yachting holidays throughout the whole of the Mediterranean coast, all according to your wishes and needs.


A Yacht Charter Turkey offers a wide selection of sailing yachts, motor yachts, catamarans and gulets to choose from. You can choose among bareboat, skippered and fully crewed yacht charter.


We will do our best to make you feel safe and comfortable on your sailing vacations.

Along that, we strive to protect the Nature, its marine ecosystem, beaches and coves, rocks and islands, bays and beautiful sea of the Mediterranean Region. We are dedicated to lead healthy lifestyle including the healthy dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine...


In order to find out more about different yacht types and charter destinations, we have prepared a number of pages to give you all the details. For general information on yacht charter visit A Yacht Charter Group and find out more about the best charter spots in the world. We have also launched various sites for speakers of languages other than English. German speakers can get more information about yacht charter on Max Boot Mieten and speakers of Italian can browse through Ecco Vacanze a Vela. For Spanish-speaking readers we recommend Alquiler Veleros Hola and for our French readers there is Oui Bateau a Moteur with information on chartering motor yachts. Max Plachetnice is the address for our Czech readers and if you would like to read more about chartering a yacht in the Croatian language, visit Jahta Najam.


Join us! Experience the warmest sun, the kindest winds and extraordinary beauty of the sail routes along the way!


Experience your Best Yachting Vacations... with us! 


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Make all your Yachting wishes come true, with a partner that will do everything to make Your holiday an unforgettable one - with us!


A Yacht Charter Turkey group charters Yachts all over Turkey, meeting your wishes and needs and thousands of satisfied clients make us most proud!


May the wind be with you!