Dear sailors,


in the wake of the global health concern caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we want to address the possibilities that you have as our existing or new customer.


Although sailing holidays can be considered as one of the safest because you are not exposed to crowds and closed spaces, we understand that the travel options might pose a complication in planning you summer holiday.


Since we rely on a set of changing restrictions we are in daily contact with charters and boat owners who are flexible and ready to offer you alternative options for existing bookings and bookings to be made in accordance with options that the Charter offers.


We will approach everyone with as much care as possible and do everything in our power to provide you with everything you might need. If you happen to be located in one of the countries affected by the outbreak, or planning your sailing holiday in one of the affected countries, our agents will offer their assistance, answer your questions, and offer you best possible outcomes.


We are here to make your next sailing holiday as enjoyable as possible starting right away.


We hope that the current travel restrictions will be lifted in time for you to enjoy your summer vacation. 


Thank you for your trust.

SailingEurope team