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Sailing Yacht Charter in Turkey - Sailing Tips for Sailing in Turkey

A Yacht Charter Turkey and winds

Winds in Turkey around the Mediterranean coast

The Meltemi wind (i.e. the Etesian N wind) results from a high pressure system over the Balkan/Hungary area and a relatively low pressure system over Turkey. The wind can bring about harsh sailing conditions, but also provides cooling, low humidity and good visibility. It does not always die out at the end of the day and can last up to 10 days. The Meltemi occurs mainly during the summer season (when it reaches maximum), but also in May and October. Usually the wind starts in the early afternoon reaching 4-5 Beaufort and dies out at sunset. If during this period sailing cannot be avoided, it would be wise to lift anchor at dawn and cover as many miles as possible before the wind starts.


Sailing yachts and children

Sailing Turkey with Kids

Children can learn a lot about life on sea, nature and foreign countries when sailing with their parents or relatives. It is important to keep in mind that they get easily bored and need something for entertainment - swimming, snorkeling or fishing are some of the best activities for them, where they can use up all their energy. Kids are very  curious and will probably want to learn something about sailing and explore the boat. Show them the charts and instruments, explain the sails, the wind or make them participate in anchoring. Be sure to follow the safety rules, especially with younger children. On deck, all children need to wear a life jacket  and if the weather gets rough, children must go below. However, parent supervision is best.

Charter Sailing Yachts in Further Detail

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