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Most Popular Yachting Locations in Bodrum

Yedi Adalar

Yedi Adalar

Yedi Adalar or Seven Islands are located on the south west region of the Gulf of Gökova. They form a chain of small islands close to the coast. The surroundings are unspoilt and wilder than the east.

It is an ideal area for sailing. You can pick your favorite spot to drop anchor and relax in a natural beauty of Seven Islands. With crystal clear waters, abundant sunshine, good anchorages and friendly people, the coast of Bodrum offers many diversities. Bodrum attracts a diverse population of vacationers along its long palm-lines waterfront.

It is also perfect spot for scuba diving, where you can explore numerous reefs, caves and majestic rock formations.



The Bodrum Cup for wooden boats is the only yacht regatta in Europe run with passengers on board. It is not merely s race, but an international yacht festival. The regatta is held annually, on the third week in October, since 1989. It runs along the favorite routes of the „Blue Voyage“, the name given to cruises in the turqouise seas of the southern coasts of Turkey.

The objective of the Cup is to expand the use of sails among Turkey's majestic fleet of traditional Turkish wooden yachts, known as „gulets“.

A 5-day race featuring over 100 classic wooden yachts with the magnificent vista of a horizon filled with the sails of Bodrum's wooden yacht fleet, is trully stunning spectacle.