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Places to visit while Sailing in Göcek area

The Bay of Cleopatra's Baths

The Bay of Cleopatra's Baths

Cleopatra's Baths are lovely ruins of an ancient bath house sitting in shallow waters of Göcek Bay. Legend says that these baths were built for Cleopatra to enjoy hot springs laden with minerals that come to the surface in thebath area.

Some say that the mystery which lies behind the beauty of Cleopatra is the water here. Close inspection of the bottom underwater sands  today shows that spring water is still gurgling into this area.

It is a large bay with dark blue sea which gets light blue as you are reaching the shore. Enjoy the experience of snorkeling and swimming over the ancient bath ruins, while you are on a yacht charter visiting Cleopatra's Baths.

Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu Beach is a 4.5 km long beach near Dalyan, in southwestern Turkey. It forms a natural barrier between the fresh water delta of Dalyan and the Mediterranean. The beach is also called „Turtle Beach“, because it is one of the last nesting grounds of the endangered loggerhead turtles, and therefore there is no construction allowed. The best time to see them is at dawn between May and September.

The beach itself is a white sand beach, which makes it ideal place for sunbathing and swimming. It also rarely gets crowded, so it's picture-perfect in more ways than one.

Due to the distance from the town, both ends of the beach are fully serviced with cafes and other facilities.