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There are 100 species of butterflies you can admire!

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Butterfly Valley

It is one of Turkey’s most amazing natural wonders, protected by spectacular cliffs. Located in the Oludeniz region the valley is best known for the thousand of beautifully coloured butterflies including the rare Jersey Tiger butterfly. It is a home to roughly 100 species of butterflies that flock to the valley between June and September. The Turkish government named the valley a preservation area to protect the intact flora and fauna. The trees are watered from the waterfall that cascades from the 350m high canyon. The valley is situated at the foothill of mountain Babadag that was nominated for preservation as world heritage. The beach is white, sandy and only accessible by water. The water is crystal blue therefore swimmers and snorkelers will have a great time. 


Kabak is a small village in Lycia, usually omitted from maps. It is a perfect escape from busy city lives due to its laid-back atmosphere. It consists of two separate sections, the settlement proper and the cluster of guesthouses. There is a canyon named Kabak Koyu which is similar to Butterfly Valley due to its pine groves, waterfalls and beautiful coastline. To get a sense of true Mediterranean follow the Lycian Way, a waymarked hiking trail, that passes through the village and ends in Ovacik. It is indicated by red and white painted stones and it passes many restaurants. Kabak beach is a popular beach for travelers all around the world. There is not much shade but visitors can rest under the pine trees further back. Be careful when sailing as there are reefs below the surface that can be dangerous.